Uta Gruenberger

is active in all fields of media, pr & communication – main focus: culture.
she is a freelance writereditorpublisher & natural born networker.
she produces her own movies as a cinematographer & film director.
you can book her as a speaker or presenter of salons & public events,
as a general pr & marketing consultant or as personal coach - delivering
content & contacts. Latest activity: muße [musze] platform & edition.

Having this moment here.

Jedermann, Salzburg Festival 2010
ANNA Plochl, Gräfin von Meran
Salzburg Festival Stars 2010
N.Ofczarek & S.O.Weis, Jedermann 2010
ORF, Crownprince Rudolf 06
The Manipulator 09
Qvest 06, F.v.Habsburg 05
Salon, Salzburg Festival 07
ORF Close.Up, Cordula Reyer 03
Close.Up, Jedermann 02
m32, salon 07
ParkAvenue, Thun, Hohenlohe 06
Gaensehaut, Blaue Gans 07
ETH Zuerich, Muße-Stadl 08
Qvest, Moretti, Kusej 05